Freeflow Technology

To bring back one of the most Iconic Custom Autococker Brands of all time. At FreeFlow, we pride ourselves on making traditional-style Autococker parts and accessories as well as limited runs of custom FreeFlow mechanical markers. The mechanical industry is currently full of innovation and while we applaud that, we know that some people just want a good old-fashioned, classic-style FreeFlow. That is why we are here. It certainly is not to make a million bucks. We enjoy creating something out of nothing. 

When you order a FreeFlow, you are getting a marker that was made specifically for you. There are not pre-machined bodies and frames sitting on shelves. There are no markers already in boxes waiting to slap a shipping label on them and toss them in the mail. There aren't just 3 color options. When an order comes in for a custom FreeFlow marker, that it just what the customer gets. We take blocks of aluminum, drop it into a CNC Machine and make that customer's frame, body, blocks etc. Then, we DRIVE those parts out to polish. Then we send the set of parts to one of our top anodizers to make the dream come true. Once complete, we pick them up and bring back to our facility where one person builds your FreeFlow from start to finish. We then chrono the marker to 280-290 fps, and then, for the first time, your marker is trusted in the hands of a shipping company to deliver to your door step.

Professional Paintball Supplies was founded in 1994 to promote and support the highly successful World Champion Professional Paintball Team Lockout". At the time, it was owned and staffed mostly by team Lockout players and provided a service that most other custom paintball shops could not. We knew, used, and stood behind our products 100%. Only a handful of individuals were privileged enough to work in the shop between 1994 and 2005. Buddy Baur was one of the few. He is 1 of the 4 of the technicians and product specialists that was there during the time it existed and is now making an effort to bring it back. 

"Some of the best times of my life was working at Pro. I learned from the very best in the business when it came to customer service and quality workmanship. Ethan, Luke, and Mitch all played a significant role in not only my success in paintball, but my success in life and I am forever grateful" Buddy Baur 

Although Lockout is not currently around anymore, the impact they made on the sport will never be forgotten. FreeFlow Technology intends to build these markers just like many remember them, with the same regard to quality and customer service.

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