Thank you for your interest in FreeFlow! Please be patient with us while we continue to grow.

We have normal day jobs. That being said, we only feel comfortable enough making a limited number of each marker while still delivering the best possible customer service and quality products. We understand that many people would like to make a purchase. We understand that many people are not available on a certain day and time to make their purchase. For that we apologize. Once we get bigger, and can afford to hire some competent help, we will be able to offer an unlimited number of FreeFlows up on a daily basis. 

We have been getting messages from all over the world. We only speak English. Please bear with us as we paste your inquiries into Google Translator to figure out what the hell you are saying. 

We are capable of shipping your order anywhere in the world. It is nothing that money can't fix and well, you guys pay for shipping. This isn't Amazon Prime.

Marker releases are strictly first come, first serve. Please refrain from messaging us requests to get one early, hold one, reduce the price on one etc. As big as paintball is, it is still a relatively small community and we know many of you have a connection to us. While we appreciate our commonalities, please understand that we will hold true to our first come, first serve approach until we are better equipped to handle higher volume.

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